10-13 Years Old

Our 10-13 year olds’ Ninja Fitness program is a fun developmental program where we mix exercise games with a workout that is well suited to the age and capabilities of the class. We teach correct body weight movement patterns & instill a solid understanding of foundational skills — squatting, pressing, pulling, throwing, running & jumping — as well as establish a lifetime love of fitness.

All levels are welcome.

14-16 Years Old

This program builds on the foundation of bodyweight movements. We teach proper progressions in building absolute strength performed in a controlled, safe, manner. One cannot disregard the need for our well-designed progression as a supporting mechanism for long term athletic development. As teenagers advance in the program, we introduce the skills of speed, strength & Olymplic Lifting (Snatch, Clean and Jerk). Our class format entails strength and conditioning with Barbells, Kettlebells, Dumbells, Ropes, Sandbags, Balls, Rowers, Bikes & Running. The progression of each individual in this program is determined by their attendance, understanding, development & sound execution of the movements. We aim to boost self-esteem & confidence in our teens, making them well rounded & resilient & able to tackle any obstacle thrown their way.