In order to understand the BK Athletics passion for competition, it’s important to first understand my background and the intricate role competitive sports has played in my life.

Ever since I was 5 years old growing up in Australia, I have loved to compete in team sports. It is my essence and passion.  Surf lifesaving, track, baseketball, cricket, Rugby Union, and of course my beloved Rugby League, which I played throughout Australia, England, France and here in the US, which has been my home since 2003. 

I have spent my life looking forward to the weekend battle, the excitement competition brings, and the love of the game.  I have grown up with the belief that in sport, one must perform to win.

Being that Rugby is one of the toughest contact sports in the world, it is easy to see why I then fell in love with CrossFit and its inherent intensity.  The parallel between the two sports is clear.  Respect, community, teamwork, communication and the need to “dig deep into the rabbit hole” exist in both.  As with Rugby, to truly compete in CrossFit requires you to “Suffer to Succeed.”

Whether you are an individual looking to compete in the sport of CrossFit, an athlete looking to up your game in your sport of choice, or a team looking towards a championship, BK Athletics offers unparalleled training, program design and coaching to take you to the next level. I have a deep understand of what it takes to win from physical and mental preparation, to nutrition for performance, to game day strategies and look forward to instilling in the next generation of athletes the same fulfillment and passion I have found in competitive sport. 

Click our Strength Calculator and punch in your lifting numbers to see where you sit. At BKAthletics we have the coaches and training to help you balance out your game to succeed.

Whether you are an individual looking to compete in CrossFit or a team looking to go to the next level of high performance. Contact me directly at to discuss options and your plan of attack.

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