Step 1: Assessment

Every individual is unique. Before you begin classes or personal training at BKAthletics, we want to ensure we have the essential information required to build a customized program to help you achieve your goals.

The Assessment is a one-on-one, 60 minute Lifestyle and Nutrition consultation with one of our coaches along with a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and cardiovascular evaluation. We feel this initial step is important in laying the groundwork for a successful journey, and have seen our current members reap the benefits of this process.

Step 2: Skills Sessions 

Upon completing the assessment, each individual joining group classes is required to attend three 60 minute Skills Sessions. These sessions are 1-on-1 with a coach, allowing for an on-ramp that is highly personalized and tailored to your specific needs. Within the sessions you will learn proper technique for all necessary movements in CrossFit classes. Finally, you will be taken through a workout similar to what you will experience in the class setting. Upon completion and with the approval of your coach, your membership will begin on the day of your first class. You can expect to have continued support and mentorship from your Beat Skills coach, as well as from our exceptional community.