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Fairfield and Westport CrossFit Classes

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Build Your Strength With Our Comprehensive CrossFit Classes


At BKAthleics, we feature two separate CrossFit training options - Fitness and Performance - to reach athletes with a different approach depending on your fitness goals. 

Train For The Long Haul With BKAthletics Fitness Crossfit Classes

Our Fitness CrossFit program is for individuals looking to be:

  • Lean
  • Strong
  • And Healthy for the long-haul

This program is comprised of foundational strength and conditioning movements that deliver the most efficient ways to improve body composition and keep you healthy and balanced. The program is highly scalable, making it well suited for individuals with varying levels of experience.

Feed Your Competitive Nature With Out Performance CrossFit Classes

Our Performance CrossFit Training program covers everything from

  • Olympic Lifting
  • Power Lifting
  • Gymnastics
  • Calisthenics

This is a CrossFit class with an emphasis on PERFORMANCE. Our professional coaches work with you to build a solid foundation of lifts and develop a full book of your energy systems. For more instructional videos subscribe to our YouTube page by clicking here.

This program is renowned for the competitive nature of the class and is the perfect place to train to take your fitness and your life to the Next Level. Before you get started with CrossFit you will first take a comprehensive Fitness Assessment. These 1 on 1 consultations serve as the starting point for all of our clients and ensure that we guide you through the most effective training possible. To Learn more about our Fitness Assessments click here.

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