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  • Loren Gough - Fairfield Personal Training

    Loren’s last session ( 6 Personal Training) before joining our Group. Classes. AIM has been to Build awareness around the barbell lifts and get multiple touches on accessory exercises like ones here today in the EMOM setting . The final part of his workout: 3 Rounds @ 85-90% Effort: 200 meter Run 10 Burpees Was the only intensive part of the session and gave him a dose of the Conditioning workouts he will do in our class setting. Welcome to the family mate! ....

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  • Khaled -Personal Training

    Khaled Mater is 49 year old Father of two from Westport o and has been training with us for 6 months . Khaled workouts out 2 x a week with me and his focus on getting stronger and trimming his waistline. Our training sessions our strength focused, with some cyclical aerobic cardio efforts to aid in the 'Fat Burn' process Khaled follows a lower carb eating plan with weekly Intermittent Fasting and is getting leaner and stronger by the day. -BK ....

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  • BKBootCamp Returns to Fairfield

    BKBootCamp Returns to Fairfield

    After a year absence the BKBootcamp returns to the Fairfield outdoors next Tuesday 4th of June at 5.30am! There will be 8 sessions throughout June ( Tuesdays/ Thursdays) at the crack of dawn, with each session building on the previous in intensity and volume. This format allows EVERYONE to have a crack... if you can walk you can participate. Each workout location will be posted the night beforehand at 6pm on the BKAthletics Community Facebook page which includes Sturges Park, Ludlowe, various hills around town and a possible beach session. New members must sign up here to participate The cost for individual sessions is $25 or $160 for all 8. There will be a 30 person cap on each ....

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  • In The Box - Fran

    Fran -Mel v Spider. This was a cracker head to head matchup on a workout that hasn't been down in a great while at BKAthletics. When it was all said and done, 9 seconds separated them at the finish... and you can see the good doctor was well wiped afterwards, relative to Mel. The Solution? To improve Squat Endurance under the barbell...ones Absolute Lower Body Strength (Back Squat, Front Squat , Deadlift 1 RM ) and specifically for Fran the Front Squat. In fact... the key to improving all of CrossFit is to increase your overall bodies strength... then EVERYTHING gets easier:) Wouldn't that be nice ? ....

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  • In The Box: CrossFit Dec 3-7

    Look inside some group classes from this past week...where we literally squatted our arses off, or at least tightened them uno a Ton! 5.30am, 9am, 12 Nooner, 6.30pm classes and Saturday 7am which is ALWAYS Fun. More to come this week ... Happy Days, BK ....

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  • Best CrossFit In Fairfield 2018

    Best CrossFit In Fairfield 2018

    In late 2007 I fell in love with CrossFit and when I wanted to start an affiliate, I thought long and hard about our name... I will never forget the moment it came to me like an Epiphany.... I was squatting down against a wall, watching my clients do Wall Balls at the soon to be formed CrossFit Milford space.... I screamed it out ... I have it CROSSFIT PERFORMANCE ... CROSSFIRE PERFORMANCE!! .... thats it.... YES! CrossFit Performance was born.... Below is a classic video from the very first location on Post Road we rented 10 years ago ... a 500 Square foot space on the third floor, where we are not allowed to drop weights... Its fair to say I still truly love what I do, in fact more ....

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  • Balancing Fitness

    The last few weeks training have been quite intensive. 100,s Workout, Murph, Jerry to name a few... This past Saturdays team effort was INTENSIVE
    back and forth with two other teammates for 40 odd minutes.... The video below gives you an idea of the Intensity of the workout ...Barbell speed, Lots go heavy breathing and plenty of hands on knees...
    This is TESTING:
    By comparison today, we hit a SKILL
    upper body Pulling workout under low to zero fatigue in 2 x 10 minute EMOM. EMOM x 10: 5 Chest To Bar + 20 DU EMOM x 10 : 5 TTB + 10 Walking Lunges While the efforts were non fatiguing and Skill based the crew got QUALITY WORK
    in with Ideally 50 Pullups and 50 TTB . Skill ....

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