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The last few weeks training have been quite intensive. 100,s Workout, Murph, Jerry to name a few...

This past Saturdays team effort was INTENSIVE back and forth with two other teammates for 40 odd minutes....

The video below gives you an idea of the Intensity of the workout ...Barbell speed,  Lots go heavy breathing and plenty of hands on knees...

This is TESTING:


By comparison today, we hit a SKILL upper body Pulling workout under low to  zero  fatigue in 2 x  10 minute EMOM. 

EMOM x 10: 5 Chest To Bar + 20 DU

EMOM  x 10 : 5 TTB + 10 Walking Lunges

While the efforts were non fatiguing and Skill based the crew got QUALITY WORK in with Ideally 50 Pullups and 50 TTB .

Skill based practice is meant for us to improve our Motor patterning of movements with FOCUSED work.

This is basically ''Brain Training'' and this must be done in a low fatigue setting...

Today Is Skill Training:

Check out The Mighty Minnow sharpening her Butterfly CTB in her Toolkit


Following the above we then moved to this 16 minute EMOM:

PLAY EMOM x 16 Min:
1. 20 sec HS Walk or Free HS Hold Practice Against Wall
2. 20 Sec Hollow Rock or Hold
3. 5 Single Leg Stability Ball Leg Curls  L then R @ 20X0 Tempo

4. 10-20 sec L Sit/Tuck on top of Rings/ Bar  


This portion is for most to learn New Skills in a PLAYFUL setting...20 secs of Skill work....

Laughing and failing is ok here , because acquiring New Skills takes time and Practice ...


As much as we have all grown to LOVE long sweaty Intensive Pieces, it is also KEY to practice and play at times to rejuvenate mind and body ...



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