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For 9 Years I have had a coach design my CrossFit Training. Initially I had Aimee Anaya at Catalyst Athletics, then moved onto James Fitzgerald ( original 2007 CrossFit Games Champ) and James was my personal coach for around 5 years. In those 5 years I learnt a ton from him and  then moved onto his brother Mike at OPT in Canada for the last 2 years.

During the recent CrossFit Games Masters Qualifier, I had a feeling just before the event of 'I can't wait for it to be over' and this is a feeling I have NEVER HAD in my whole life.  This is not normal for me as I LOVE TO COMPETE and am always in a positive state and looking forward to whats ahead. In retrospect, it was all over before it even began. My head was not in it and it showed in my performance. 

In the week after the MQ I did some thinking about what I am doing with my training/ competing  and without any plans for 2019 in CrossFit, I just decided I wanted to exercise and workout in an hour and not have to think seriously about my exercise...

Fast forward a week of working out in our CrossFit Performance Group classes  snd Super Circuit and I can honestly say I am having an absolute ball!  There are many factors that are affecting how i feel...The energy and competitive vibe, LAUGHTER, helping coach others while i am exercising alongside others, seeing and learning off my own coaches and just really enjoying the atmosphere...plus the training is challenging and I am getting a firm handle on some good and bad in my the design of the classes.

All in all...I am LOVING enjoying exercise right now without any added burden and am looking forward to a great summer!

Few Vids of some classes over the last week .. 

FIRST group class for me ... HELEN.. Mel gets me by a few seconds ...


This 10 Minute AMRAP .. Spider going through round 14 UB on Shoulder To OverHead!!





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