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Lifting Weights Stunts Kids Growth

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The Lower Body Squat + Upper Body Pull combo and Lower Body Pull + Upper Body Push 
are Excellent synergistic exercises for young athletes.
James is a 12 yr old Baseball player and it is very first time under the Barbell with 33 Pounds and I have progressed him from :

  1. Air Squat
  2. Goblet Squat
  3. Back Squat
This has been over 4 weeks James with twice week training, since starting at BKAthletics

The same principles have been applied with the Kettlebell DL.

  1. BodyWeight Hinge
  2. Light Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts 
  3. KettleBell Progressions through 16,26,35,44,53,60,70 Pounds
  4. Next Progression is working onto the Barbell Deadlift

The key to training any young athlete is making sure they can control their own bodyweight first before adding any external loading.
Progressing to weight bearing exercises the focus is on patterning hundreds of perfect repetitions, ingraining solid muscle memory.

I  often hear the old Wife's Tale:

'Kids shouldn't lift weights until they are 14-15, it will stunt their growth'' 

That statement and others just like it are just hyperbole that have been passed down the ages from Grandma

As a parent I ask you this ... 
If Johnnie or Susie are playing a Sport and running round dynamically and explosively with change of direction and speed needed, how can one say that they should not be learning and progressing through basic Strength Training protocols - Squatting, Pressing, Pulling, Lunging) from a young age?

It just makes no sense at all!

Your sons and daughters ligaments, joints an muscles need to be made stronger BEFORE playing a Sport: 
  1. Learning Mechanics
  2. Be Super Consistent in their training
  3. Train Intensity AFTER mastering 1 and 2

The problem lies in that our Fairfield kids are getting shoved into months and months of playing  (often 9-11 Months of the Year in multiple sports) and then we wonder why Johnnie and Susie have Knee and/or shoulder issues at 12-13 years of age??

The problem can be solved by getting your son and daughter STRONG as they can be, building their foundation before or right besides their competitive Sport...and not waiting for the inevitable pain to occur >> because it will,  or you are looking right down the injury barrel and possibly surgery...

At BKAthletics we ''Specialize in Youth S&C'' with our 10-16 year olds training Mon-Wed-Fri afternoons. As owner and head coach of our youth programs I take great pride in training your sons an daughters to be the best they can be..... through middle school into high school and off to College to Crush It...and their safety is my number one concern. 

Contact us at 203-292-8770 to get your  young one started.


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