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Homeopathic Remedies For Viral Flu

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Homeopathic Remedies For Viral Flu

Copped a viral bug on Friday, with the first tell  my AM Aerobic Sesh when I couldn’t sustain a manageable pace.

The PM session second nudge was a distinct lack of Strength and 2 separate little coughs later in the afternoon.
Ya know your not right when the Coffee isn’t appealing on Saturday morning so I backed off the Breathing Training and went on full offense to knock it out:

 Priority was making sure sleep was DIALED with 8-9 quality hours and Upped water consumption to 1 Gallon a Day.

-Upped Vit D
-Upped Co - Enzyme 
-Crushed Singer’s Extra Strength Herbal Throat Spray 
-Crushed VIt C and Zinc Lozenges 
-Green Tea in PM
-Crushed Honey and Ginger Tea
- Doubled Master Amino Pattern (MAP)
-Doubled my @nova3labs -Max Adrenal and Max Rehab


Thankfully I have come out the other side not deeply affected , and didn't go down the deep and nasty cough cage.

If you are coughing and you have flem coming up, best for everyone around you to stay away from the gym till you have bought your shit under control..

When on road back ... best to back off the breathing work and only do low easy effort breathing . Strength work can be done while staying away from max efforts.

Please reach out for any help when you feel you are coming down with something...I am here to help you look -feel and perform better.



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