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Great session with Col last week where the focus was on him improving his Snatch and Kip Pullups


Col started light at 65 pounds and I added 10# every second set to see WHERE his ceiling was and WHY>> Mechanics, Mobility and/or Strength .

When we got to 115# everything was sailing smoothly then the wall hit at 125# through an inability to pull under the Bar and also Thoracic ( mid/ upper back tightness).

Improving his Hip and Ankle Range Of Motion ( ROM) will also allow a much better set up at the start.





The key for Col, being relatively new to any form of Snatching is to hit PERFECT reps in the range of 70-85% (80-95 pounds) . And not just 5-10 reps but 100 odd quality repetitions to ingrain the muscle memory patterning to make it automatic.


Kipping PullUps


Big focus on setup and making sure his feet were together with toes pointed ( ala soccer kick) and maintaining tension through his torso with a tight ass. Just like many other Fairfield peeps he was holding his breath on one end of the Pullup which really limits the amount if Unbroken volume he can string together. 

Improving the Kipping Pullups for Col would be TRAINING the Kip 2 x week over a 4-5 week period hitting:

EMOM x 5 Min : 3 PERFECT reps, and increasing his volume each week either by adding minutes to the EMOM or building the density with a 1-2 rep increase.  A solid plan would be to aim for  a 10 rep increase each week for him >>> So week 1 - 30 reps , week 2 - 40 reps, week 3 -  50 reps , week 4 - 60 Reps.

Rest assured after 4 weeks of building Perfect Kipping Pullup Volume and an ability to nail 30 reps in a given session easily ... a pullups workout with a similar amount will be mouth watering for the big fella and be very successful. 

Great working with Col and looking forward to seeing his improvements over the next few months.



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