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Tuesday WOD

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5 Sets @ 85-90% Same pace ( keep all within a 10 sec window)
400 M Row
400 M Ski
20 Box Jumps @ 24/20'' S/D
V -Up 1-10-1 Ladder W legs straight or slightly bent >> touch toes!

Negative Splits would be awesome , Practice keeping it very tight 


A. EMOM x 10 Min: 1-4 Perfect reps of your chosen Upper Body Skill. 
This is our 5th of 6th efforts to improve VOLUME  in your ONE specific movement.
5 sets @ 80-95% Increasing effort each set:
300 Meter Run
10 Alt DB Snatch @45-50/30-35#
10 DB Walking lunges each leg >ONE DB used for Snatch held overhead with Both Hands 
10 KTE
walk rest 3 min between sets
V -Up 1-10-1 Ladder for Time
>> legs straight or slightly bent >> must touch toes>> FEEL THE BURN!!

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