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Power Clean /Burpee Lactic Endurance Repeats

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A look at the Power Clean / Burpee tests pulled from the vault, that I did 12 months ago...

Looking at the majority of cleans in both efforts my elbows were NOT getting through forming legit quality repetitions...

What cannot be denied though is the intent here...its a 97% when looking at it.  I remember prepping for it, like it was yesterday  ... KNOWING it was gonna hurt, to think anything else is a lie.... the first one I paced , although I thought it was 100% when I was doing it..

What do you have to lose by going for it? What do you have to lose by NOT going for it?

Have A Crack Today.



15-12-9 PC /Burp #1 (3.36) from BKAthletics on Vimeo.

15-12-9 PC /Burp #2 ( 3.28) from BKAthletics on Vimeo.

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