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  • BK Sunday Sessions #2

    BK and Jen discuss the Sport Performance Youth program at BKAthletics.... - PreTeens Strength Training - College Prep - Nutrition Education ....

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  • Fairfield's Fittest

    50 Box Jump Overs 40 Toes To Bar/ Knees TomElbows 30 DB Deadlifts @ 45-50# Men/ 25-35# Women 20 DB Thrusters 10 DB Burpees It never ceases to amaze me how potent the age old Dumbbells really are and this mornings ''Chipper'' finished with a bang and tested the mettle of ''Fairfield's Fittest'' - Yes we really are! We had 15 peeps at 9.30am, with the first group of 8 starting four minutes in advance of the next group of 7, and when we lined up the DB's this morning in one straight line, I knew it was going to get spicy at the end... there is something about staying in the one spot and digging in the Rabbit Hole .. getting it done... no-where to go. Both the Devil ....

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  • Kipping Pullup

    We have some slo mo action here of three ladies doing Kipping Pullups. The one thing that can be addressed with all for more power and better Rhythm, is keeping the knees straight on the back swing and making sure the toes are pointed , which keeps your ass tight. Bending the knees on the Forward Swing (arch) essentially 'leaks energy' and makes the transition to the Back Swing (Hollow) less potent and doesn't get you higher and closer to the pullup bar with straight arms ( which is why we kip) before initiating the actual pull with your Arms. ....

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  • Lifting Weights Stunts Kids Growth

    TheLower Body Squat + Upper Body Pull combo andLower Body Pull + Upper Body Push areExcellent synergistic exercisesfor youngathletes. James is a 12 yr old Baseball player and it is very first time under the Barbell with 33 Pounds and I have progressed him from :
    Air Squat
    Goblet Squat
    Back Squat This has been over 4 weeks James with twiceweek training, since starting at BKAthletics The same principles have been applied with the Kettlebell DL.
    LightDumbbell Romanian Deadlifts
    KettleBell Progressions through 16,26,35,44,53,60,70 Pounds
    Next Progression is working onto the Barbell Deadlift The key to training any young ....

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  • Friday 12/29 WOD

    A. Every 2 Min x 6 sets : Squat Snatch + Below Knee Squat Snatch + Above Knee Squat Snatch Rest 2 Min B. Every 2 min x 6 sets: Build to a tough Complex of - 1 Squat Clean +1 Push Jerk + 1Split Jerk + C. EMOM x 16 mins ALL TOUGH Sets:
    3-4 CGBP @ 40X1
    3-4 Wide Grip PronatedPullUps @ 40X0
    3-4 DB Push Press @ 22X2
    3-4 Wide Grip Pronated Pullups @ 40X0 + AbsOfSteel -Day 25

    10 Prone Tucks Rest 10 Sec 10 Ball Slams -HARD Rest 30 sec x 5 FITNESS: A. Every 2 Min x 6 sets : PowerSnatch + Below Knee Power Snatch + Above Knee PowerSnatch Rest 2 Min B. Every 2 min x 6 sets: Build to a Tough Complex of -1 Squat Clean +1 Push Jerk + 1Split Jerk + C.EMOM x 16 mins ALL TOUGH Sets: ....

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  • Personal Training in Fairfield - BKAthletics - Homeopathic Remedies For Viral Flu

    Homeopathic Remedies For Viral Flu

    I Copped a viral bug on Friday, with the first tell my AM Aerobic Sesh when I couldn’t sustain a manageable pace. The PM session second nudge was a distinct lack of Strength and 2 separate little coughs later in the afternoon. Ya know your not right when the Coffee isn’t appealing on Saturday morning so I backed off the Breathing Training and went on full offense to knock it out: Priority was making sure sleep was DIALED with 8-9qualityhours and Upped waterconsumption to 1 Gallon a Day. -Upped Vit D -Upped Co - Enzyme -Crushed Singer’s Extra Strength Herbal Throat Spray -Crushed VIt C and Zinc Lozenges -Green Tea in PM -Crushed Honey and ....

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  • Everything I Did To Get Shredded At The Age Of 43

    Great Nutrition Article from my own Nutrition Coach Mike Kesthely, who is also Owner / Creator of Nova3 Labs
    . Results come from the equation of action + discipline + consistency + planning. This should be a mantra that every man, woman, and child speaks to themselves daily. Harsh? Maybe. True? Absolutely. And it can be applied to every facet of life. I had essentially forgotten this, but in early 2016 I came to embrace it.
    So back in March, I decided I needed to get my shit together. For the past three months, I had done NOTHING regarding training or nutrition—I wasn’t tracking macros, I was barely ....

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  • Saturday 12/23 WOD

    30/30—>60/60—>90/90 5 rounds @ 85-90%/High Effort: 30 sec Squat Clean Thrusters @ 75-55# 30 sec Walk 30 sec Jumping Switch Lunges 30 sec Walk 30 sec Bike 30 sec Walk + Rest 3 Min + 2 rounds @ 85-90%/High Effort: 1 min Alternating DB Power Snatch @ 45-50#/30-35# 1 min Walk 1 min DB Thrusters @ 25/15# 1 min Walk 1 min Row 1 min Walk + Rest 3 Min + 2 round @ 85-90%/High Effort: 90 sec Step Down Box Jumps @ 30/24" 90 secWalk 90 sec Burpees to 6” OH 90 secWalk 90 secDU 90 secWalk + AbsOSSteel - Day 20 5 Rounds : 10 Crossover Sit Ups L 10 Crossover Sit Ups R 5 Around The World L 5 Around the World R rest ....

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  • Sunday 12/24 WOD

    12 Min@75% Easy Effort: 4 MinRow 4 Min Bike 4 Min Shuttle Run + AbsOfSteelEMOM x 16 Min:
    10 GHR
    30 sec L Arm Suitcase Carry - Heavy
    30 sec RArm Suitcase Carry - Heavy
    30 sec L- Sit From Bar + ''DeathBy10Meters''
    Run 10 Meters and increase each minute by 10 till you cannot accomplish the task ....

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