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    Best CrossFit In Fairfield 2018

    In late 2007 I fell in love with CrossFit and when I wanted to start an affiliate, I thought long and hard about our name... I will never forget the moment it came to me like an Epiphany.... I was squatting down against a wall, watching my clients do Wall Balls at the soon to be formed CrossFit Milford space.... I screamed it out ... I have it CROSSFIT PERFORMANCE ... CROSSFIRE PERFORMANCE!! .... thats it.... YES! CrossFit Performance was born.... Below is a classic video from the very first location on Post Road we rented 10 years ago ... a 500 Square foot space on the third floor, where we are not allowed to drop weights... Its fair to say I still truly love what I do, in fact more ....

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  • Balancing Fitness

    The last few weeks training have been quite intensive. 100,s Workout, Murph, Jerry to name a few... This past Saturdays team effort was INTENSIVE
    back and forth with two other teammates for 40 odd minutes.... The video below gives you an idea of the Intensity of the workout ...Barbell speed, Lots go heavy breathing and plenty of hands on knees...
    This is TESTING:
    By comparison today, we hit a SKILL
    upper body Pulling workout under low to zero fatigue in 2 x 10 minute EMOM. EMOM x 10: 5 Chest To Bar + 20 DU EMOM x 10 : 5 TTB + 10 Walking Lunges While the efforts were non fatiguing and Skill based the crew got QUALITY WORK
    in with Ideally 50 Pullups and 50 TTB . Skill ....

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  • Personal Training in Fairfield - BKAthletics - Behaviourceutical


    n. A physical activity that improves mental health, particularly by reducing stress or anxiety. It’s a fusion of “behavior” + “pharmaceutical.” It was created by Kelly Lambert, a neuroscientist at the University of Richmond: I made up this term called “behaviorceuticals,” instead of pharmaceuticals, in the sense that when we move and when we engage in activities, we change the neurochemistry of our brain in ways that a drug can change the neurochemistry of our brain.
    I’d never heard this word before, but I love it! It speaks directly to the power of behavior change for preventing and reversing disease. ....

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  • 8.30am Rocking Da House

    There are two ways to hit 3 position cleans . When done from ground first they become increasingly tougher as you reduce your hips ability to power upward.... In the video below are some GREAT lifts from our 8.30am class today. Side note: Its so cool to see a wide range of ages in our class today and proficiency with the barbel. The ages ranged from 21 -62 years old! In order the lifts are: Steve - September- Melissa - Rachel- Sandra- Marc- Linda - Elise ....

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  • Fairfield Fitness Fun

    For 9 Years I have had a coach design my CrossFit Training. Initially I had Aimee Anaya at Catalyst Athletics, then moved onto James Fitzgerald ( original 2007 CrossFit Games Champ) and James was my personal coach for around 5 years. In those 5 years I learnt a ton from him and then moved onto his brother Mike at OPT in Canada for the last 2 years. During the recent CrossFit Games Masters Qualifier, I had a feeling just before the event of 'I can't wait for it to be over' and this is a feeling I have NEVER HAD in my whole life. This is not normal for me as I LOVE TO COMPETE and am always in a positive state and looking forward to whats ahead. In retrospect, it was all over before it even ....

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  • BK Sunday Sessions #2

    BK and Jen discuss the Sport Performance Youth program at BKAthletics.... - PreTeens Strength Training - College Prep - Nutrition Education ....

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  • Fairfield's Fittest

    50 Box Jump Overs 40 Toes To Bar/ Knees TomElbows 30 DB Deadlifts @ 45-50# Men/ 25-35# Women 20 DB Thrusters 10 DB Burpees It never ceases to amaze me how potent the age old Dumbbells really are and this mornings ''Chipper'' finished with a bang and tested the mettle of ''Fairfield's Fittest'' - Yes we really are! We had 15 peeps at 9.30am, with the first group of 8 starting four minutes in advance of the next group of 7, and when we lined up the DB's this morning in one straight line, I knew it was going to get spicy at the end... there is something about staying in the one spot and digging in the Rabbit Hole .. getting it done... no-where to go. Both the Devil ....

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  • Kipping Pullup

    We have some slo mo action here of three ladies doing Kipping Pullups. The one thing that can be addressed with all for more power and better Rhythm, is keeping the knees straight on the back swing and making sure the toes are pointed , which keeps your ass tight. Bending the knees on the Forward Swing (arch) essentially 'leaks energy' and makes the transition to the Back Swing (Hollow) less potent and doesn't get you higher and closer to the pullup bar with straight arms ( which is why we kip) before initiating the actual pull with your Arms. ....

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  • Lifting Weights Stunts Kids Growth

    TheLower Body Squat + Upper Body Pull combo andLower Body Pull + Upper Body Push areExcellent synergistic exercisesfor youngathletes. James is a 12 yr old Baseball player and it is very first time under the Barbell with 33 Pounds and I have progressed him from :
    Air Squat
    Goblet Squat
    Back Squat This has been over 4 weeks James with twiceweek training, since starting at BKAthletics The same principles have been applied with the Kettlebell DL.
    LightDumbbell Romanian Deadlifts
    KettleBell Progressions through 16,26,35,44,53,60,70 Pounds
    Next Progression is working onto the Barbell Deadlift The key to training any young ....

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